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Specialty Tinting

window protection film service

Have you ever needed window films that are meant for special purposes? You may need a unique films and tinting for designated areas in your office or home, we provide specialty tinting services that creates a sense of security and peace of mind. Through the application of the tints, you’ll be exposed to designs that complements your personal style and improves the reputation of your business. Commercial Window tinting is a company that has the security and clients ultimate design taste at heart. Our specialty tinting is executed by our well-trained installers who provide first hand tinting solutions to our clients within Miami, FL. The categories of films for our specialty tinting services includes;

Dyed Window Tinting               

This is a perfect choice when it comes to auto window tinting. The challenge is when you ask yourself if you can handle the costs associated with owning such. When compared to other tinting options, you would notice that this is on the low expense side. It aids sun blockade through its series of dye layers preventing the penetration of sunlight into your car as you drive or perform one function or another with it. These dyes have been built to absorb solar rays and prevent them from gaining access within. Its opaque appearance helps it maintain your privacy, but this feature wears out with time and require regular replacements.

Metallic window tints

These are quite similar to the type mentioned above of window tint, making use of metallic particles compared to dyed shades, composed mainly of dyes. The metallic particles have the potential to block sunlight from gaining entrance into the interior surfaces they cover. They help reduce heat consumption by ensuring that heatwaves are reflected outwards. They can be well applauded by their ability to provide structural support and durability to your windows. Their ability to resist shocks that end up in shattered glasses could be well maximized upon installation. Of course, these protective materials help reduce glares from the exterior environment.

Hybrid window tints

Like was earlier stated, your needs might include a variety of features combined. This is why the hybrid tints have been constructed. They are a combination of both the dyed and metallic window tints. This means that they are composed of both dyed and metallic particles, respectively. This upgrade comes with a commingling of all advantages of the components while playing down on their disadvantages.

A common example of such material combination would be the mixture of both titanium and dark grey tints. They have amazing aesthetic appearances not going extreme on the shade of darkness nor reflective ability. You would be able to enjoy your privacy and protection from heat waves and ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

This type of window tint has been designed to function on all good features of the different components that have been used in their production, making them is an effective substitute to by the metallic and dyed window tint material.

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