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About Us

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Commercial Window Tinting Services is a world-class window tinting company based in Miami with wide service coverage to all parts of Miami. We offer services regarding the installation of window films and tinting whether for aesthetic, private, commercial or luxurious purposes using high-quality products. We are proud to provide a unique and innovative approach to solving a major window and glass door challenges. Based on our level of experience in pattern designs and technology, our installation, and application processes are well geared towards meeting your every request. Our professionalism in the window films industry has set us apart and made us wax stronger daily while improving on our existing structures. We take appropriate steps in guiding you into understanding the various tints and films that can suit your constant demand.


Our team are qualified and well trained to offer consistent window tinting and security films for clients in any organization. Once we achieve our client’s goals through our services invariably, we have also completed our goals. As part of our customer service approach, we put our client’s interest before ours, as we believe that our company’s reputation depends solely on achieving great results on any projects we handle. During this process, we build trust and solid relationships and also work around the clock to maintain them and foster mutual respect. Over the year, we are known for excellent communication within project start date and date of completion, responsiveness and professionalism. Our work and product used during project execution are 100% guaranteed. 

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