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Commercial Window
Tinting Miami, FL

Commercial Window Tinting

professional commercial window tints

Commercial Window Tinting, the one-stop-shop where all window tinting worries are resolved. As professionals, we solely provide quality tints and films solutions that can be installed for interior and exterior surfaces of windows, automobiles, and general glass surfaces. As window tinting service provider, we deal and utilize quality and cost-effective installation and tinting materials for specific projects handled at a particular time.

We are on a mission to help commercial spaces in Miami reduce heat emission level on any of their structures and facilities. This will help sustain comfort while carrying out daily business activities, and also enhance the efficiency level of energy.

About Us

At commercial Window Tinting Miami, we are one of the biggest and fully equipped window tinting company you can find. Over the years, we have inspired diverse exploits in customer satisfaction, and focus on pursuing the utmost comfort of all our clients at all levels. Our team comprises of world-class installers and highly skilled technicians working around the clock to deliver unbeatable window tints services that meet your decorative, security, exquisite home and office needs. No matter the size of the commercial building involved, we can easily recommend a perfect window tint. We aim to become a leading commercial window tinting service provider to several clients withing Miami, FL.

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Our Services

Our range of services has been specifically targeted with clients’ optimum satisfaction in mind. We offer our exceptional services to all who reside and have their buildings situated within the Miami area. Our services include privacy film for conference rooms, exclusive tinting, marine tinting, exterior window tinting and other services that facilitates window tinting. We are customer-focused, and as a reputable company, we build trust and service satisfaction with our clients to have a long-lasting impact. Through our services, we provide commercial spaces with exquisite and luxury window tinting that’s no way above their intended budget or corporate plans.

privacy film for conference rooms
highly skilled tinting technicians
security film for doors and storefronts

Privacy Film for
Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are very strategic areas in the office. The room hosts most of the company's presentations, board meetings and other official activities that require the attention of more than one staff. Therefore, the room must be safe and protected from external factors like a visual distraction, and when this is done, it guarantees complete concentration. Through our privacy film for conference room services, we can achieve all these. We offer films that can serve as an artificial wall and guarantee maximum privacy for your conference rooms. The privacy film rejects visual penetration from outside and eliminates distraction at all cost.

Security Film for Doors
and Storefronts

We are concern about the security of your homes and stores just as you are, which is why we offer quality security film service for your doors and storefront. The security films we installed are manufactured using the best materials to ensure that they can resist collision no matter the level of impact. Many storefronts have become an easy target for theft, and to address this, we also offer highly secured films that can serve as a distinction between outdoor and indoor. The security film does not transmit light from outside to inside; instead, it can create a visual connection from indoor to outdoor. If day of night time security is a goal, then this service is for you.

best anti-graffiti window tints
exterior window tinting for energy saving
professional marine tinting service

Window Tints

Commercial Window Tinting offers unique anti-graffiti films for glass windows. Nowadays, replacing a damaged glass is expensive, but in as an approach to save money and also expand the life span of the glass, you can install the anti-graffiti window film. Our highly trained glass technician can easily apply the anti-graffiti for any clients that need the services within Miami and its surrounding areas. The application of anti-graffiti keeps the window safe from scratch, vandals, marker or any form of unacceptable impact. A window film or glass is a property that should be valued and protected; hence the application of anti-graffiti on damage surfaces should be instant.

Exterior Window Tinting for Energy Saving

Some special window tints can help focus sunlight energy to saving you energy. Doors and windows account for more than 15% of energy loss in the form of heat in the home. Energy-saving window tints are a great way to reduce energy loss and also reduce the amount of money you spend on generating this energy. These films come with invisible thermal shields that ensure heat escape does not take place. During the summer, the exterior window tinting can prevent as much as 66% of the Sun's heat from gaining access into your home or commercial place.

professional specialty tinting service
window protection film service
commercial window tinting service

Specialty Tinting

This has to do with unique window films that perform specific functions. These films have been selected to play definite roles and impact general living. They could be in the form of decorative, security, private or exquisite, office partitioning films for high-risk areas etc. Sometimes you might need a personalized film to bring a sort of glow or view perspective to your buildings. These tints come in different designs and structures based on what you want. As a glass window specialist, we survey the area that needs speciality tinting services, so that we can advise and recommend suitable tinting.

Marine Tinting

This involves unique and exquisite window tints that suit your boats and marine facilities. Marine travel is always associated with a lot of water hazards which pose a threat to the safety of both people and boat parts. To curb this fear, we have introduced tints that reduce the fatality of these dangers. Marine tints are specially designed to form extra proofs to windows that might cause damage due to pressure and turbulent wave conditions. We also install the marine tinting so that it can act as shields preventing the infiltration of ultraviolet sunlight rays that has adverse health outcomes.

“I suffered from exposures that took place at my office whenever we had meetings in our private room. The problem kept on reoccurring until a colleague suggested we get window tints for our meeting room to prevent outside observations. Commercial Window came through" – Jacob Fregs

" Today, my home has taken a New look all thanks to the decorative film installed by Commercial Window Tints, Miami, FL. They gave the best tint that resonated with my interior decoration and taste. I was confused and puzzled on my choice of tint material; their wealth of experience made it easy"– Promise Hughes.

"Finding the right protective covering for my storehouse was challenging until a friend referred me to Commercial Window Tint. Their customer service was out of this world. After the consultation, they were able to come up with a tint that suited perfectly" – James S.

Contact Us Today

We have made all our contact channel open for client’s complaints, queries and feedback. We understand that sometimes, fixing and installing films for your glass door may need to be done using a fire brigade approach. This approach does not work at all times, so we advise that clients book for consultation in advance by calling our customer care representative. But if your enquiries or compliant aren’t urgent. You can fill the contact form on our dedicated website, and we promise to get back to you at the earliest possible time within the same day.